Me and City

Me and City
We’re tied together for eternity
I treat you like royalty
Give you blind loyalty
But it’s not much fun
‘Cause when you score one
The other team scores two or three
Or four
Or even more
Our relationship’s
Not in the Premiership
‘Cause when I look at you
I see the bottom of League 2
I’m full of frustration
Life’s a constant battle against relegation
I want you to be first in our footballing nation
But it’s not meant to be
For me and City

I wanna get excited
I wanna hammer Man United
I wanna win the Champions League that would do
But instead
You play like you’re dead
Like you ain’t got out of bed
So every game for me
Is sheer agony
I shut my eyes when you’re live on TV
But despite regular humiliation
I put aside disappointment and aggravation
To follow those who play in blue
My love is constant and true
I’m a devotee
It’s still me and City

So don’t laugh
At the sight of my scarf
Or tell me I’m daft
To support this team
‘Cause I can dream
That one day we’ll be the cream
Of the crop
No more will we flop
We’ll dodge the drop
We’ll come out on top
But the bubble won’t pop
The trophies won’t stop
We’ll beat Liverpool six-nil in front of the Kop
But till then I’ll say `whatever’
‘Cause I’m stuck with you forever
Divorcing you never
Till beyond infinity
It’s me and City