Sid the Cyclist

Sid is a man with a mission
A cyclist obsessed
He cycles all around the world
In just his shorts and vest
At two years old he sat and passed
His Cycling Proficiency Test

Now he cycles all round Sainsbury’s
He cycles upstairs to bed
He cycles just across the road
To get a loaf of bread
People say “there’s something seriously wrong inside his head”

The Red Sea parted and he cycled through it
He cycles through time and space
He has that `I was born to cycle’ look etched upon his face
Question: Where has Sid not cycled to?
Answer: There isn’t such a place

One day he went to Serbia
The next day he was back
The Tour De France he won along the way was just a snack
When it comes to cycling Sid surely has the knack
Some say he’ll die exhausted or through a heart attack
But he don’t care if people criticise or take the Michael
He says, “My motto is:
I live therefore I cycle”

He cycles up the M1
He cycles to the South Pole
In last year’s FA Cup Final he cycled through the goal
You can’t stop him when he’s on a roll
He cycles up escalators
Over mountains and though valleys
And (ignoring the `no cycling’ signs) illegally down alleys

Sid is an eco-warrior
He says “I cycle ‘cause I like it
You can keep your trains
Buses, cars and planes
‘Cause me
I’d rather bike it”