It’s Poetry

There’s a dictionary buzzing round inside my head
Full of all the words I’ve ever heard
And all those I’ve ever read
It nags at me
“Don’t do that Neal - write a poem instead”
It’s three o’clock in the morning
I’m all tucked up in bed
But it’s got its hooks in me
It’s not reading books for me
Or playing my CD
Or my DVD
Or my PSP
Or Liverpool FC
What’s my hobby?
It’s poetry

Poems about football fans
Poems about smelly fish
Poems about corned beef
Poems about anything you wish
Poems about the Prime Minister
Poems about school
Poems about poems
Poems about anything at all
What’s it gonna be?
Pick a category
It’s poetry

I hear rhythms
I hear rhyming
It’s the gold that I am mining
It’s my dark cloud’s silver lining
And you can join me too
All you have to do
Is grab a pen or your computer
Write or type whatever suits ya
Set your mind free
Find creativity
Easy as ABC
On the count of three
Just follow me
It’s poetry