Annoying Habits

I put up with your annoying habits
All your annoying traits
Like when you put the toilet roll on the wrong way round
Or fail to properly lock the back gate
I should get irate
And in a vexed state
But you’re still my best mate
You are
So I turn a blind eye
At your incapability of reversing the car
And your ritualistic painting of your toenails in bed
And the fact you never wanna to see
The films or DVDs I wanna see
But ones you prefer to see instead
The word `compromise’ sometimes ain’t in your head
You can make me see red
And cause tears to be shed
But I’m still proud to say that we’re wed
And I’ll love you till long after I’m dead

So I put up with your annoying habits
Like when your washing ruins my new t-shirt
Or when you walk through the house with your trainers covered in dirt
And when I see you flirt
I get upset and hurt
But I’ll always revert
To type
‘Cause I know when I’m with you it feels so right
Even though sometimes you say “black” and I say “white”
You say “tomorrow” and I say “tonight”
You say “left” and I say the opposite - and that can’t be right
I don’t wanna fight

So I put up with your annoying habits
Too many cop shows for me
Too many soaps and reality TV
And re-tuning my radio from XFM to Kiss
I ask myself sometimes can I go on like this?
But without you
These are the things that I’d miss
Most of all
‘Cause these are the things that make you cool
And we’ve been together since we were at school
I wouldn’t want to back out now
There’s no-one better than you anyhow
I love you
I do
So I put up with your annoying habits
‘Cause you put up with my annoying habits