I Can Rap

It took me 46 years 
I had to conquer my fears
Hold back my tears
Bow to pressure from my peers
Seek out unused parts in that thing between my ears
I nearly missed my chance and blew it
But I didn’t
I can do it
I’ve broken out the trap 
Without a mishap
I can rap

Ain’t no-one gonna hold me back
‘Cause I’ve got myself travelling on the right track
Modified my plan of attack
I’m a middle aged white guy
I ain’t even black
But I’m pleased to say 
That today 
When I go away 
To record my next track
I can rap

Never mind Eminem
Or Ms Dynamite
I’m gonna set the place alight
With this cascading rhythm
Put aside your scepticism
And your cynicism
I’m gonna buy myself a Nike baseball cap
Gonna mix it with the gangsta men
Larging it on Kiss FM
I can rap

So don’t take me for an old guy
Don’t take me for a sap
I’ve fallen into this
As easy as I can fall into your lap
Pulled myself up by the bootstraps
Open up your ear flaps
And listen to me
I’ve made a great discovery
I’ve uncovered me 
Dusted down from the shelf
My new found poetry is a picture of health
I say it over and over and over and over and over 
Again to myself
I can rap