Animals Can't Write Poetry 

I tried hard to tame them
Teach them and train them
Was offering lessons for free
Though they woof, oink and howl
Roar, moo and miaow
Animals can't write poetry 

I planned to excite them
Thrill and ignite them
But sadly barked up the wrong tree
Though they might perform tricks
Give paws and give licks
Animals can't write poetry 

I passed paper and pen to a very keen hen
A thesaurus to a brontosaurus too
It was necessary to lend a rhyming dictionary
To a leopard at London Zoo
I rapped in time with sheep and swine
Read in rhythm to a gibbon I met
But if there's an animal that can write poetry
I still haven't found it yet

I hoped to inspire them
Guide, fuel and fire them
I took them to book shops with me
Though they bite, chew and gnaw
Scratch, tear, rip and claw
Animals can't write poetry 

I wanted to grow them
Sit down and show them
Develop their literacy
Though they might entertain
And have biggish brains
Animals can't write poetry 

If you gathered the animal kingdom together
You'd be disappointed because they would never
Never, never
Write poetry