Mum's Imaginary Menagerie

I don't get it
One minute Mum says I'm a cheeky MONKEY
Then I'm a greedy PIG
If I eat my veg though she reckons I'll be as strong as an OX
And as tall as a GIRAFFE

She moans that I'm like a SNAIL walking to school
And as stubborn as a MULE
I tidied my room on Sunday (yes, tidied my room!) and she referred to me as both an eager BEAVER and a busy BEE

She tells me not to run down the stairs like a herd of ELEPHANTS
But to be as quiet as a MOUSE instead
When Mum caught me reading in bed at midnight by torchlight she called me a sly FOX

At the dentist I was her brave little LION
So I left there as proud as a PEACOCK
She yells at my sister and me “Stop fighting like CAT and DOG!” (though I'm not sure which is which) 

I think
If I keep listening to Mum
Then maybe
I'll grow up to be a wise old OWL like her