Born a Cartoon

I was born a cartoon
Sitting on this very page
Feeling colourful and cool
Wacky, weird, extremely strange
I'm a 2D animation
From someone's imagination

It's an odd existence
Living in a world that's flat
With my home inside a frame
That's edged in white or black
Still I'm starring in this feature
Though I'm only just a picture

Titles rest above me
And an advert to my right
While in panels underneath
You'll find me in a fight
As a hero I'm no stranger
When it comes to facing danger

If I was a human
I'd jump from this comic strip
Buy a house and meet a wife
Then travel quite a bit
It's a dream it's my ambition
To be fact instead of fiction

But I remain a cartoon
Grab my mag and have a read
I will follow from behind
And let my artist lead
I am his unique creation
He made me an illustration

Now my story's ended
Please don't throw me in your bin
Store me somewhere safe and sound
So we can meet again
Or perhaps if you prefer to
Why not purchase next month's issue?