Terrific Tot

He's a hero in a nappy
But don't let that put you off
He can tackle twenty rhinos
He can handle rough and tough
Though he nearly is a new born
And still peeing in a pot
He's the baby
Who can save me
Shout his name
“Terrific Tot!”

Special milk gives him his power
Special biscuits give him speed
Holds his rattle during battle
Always back for his next feed
Though he goo-goos and he gaa-gaas
And his nose is dripping snot
He's the one
The needy run to
Shout his name
“Terrific Tot!”

Spot him in his bib of spandex
Matching mittens on his hands
Grabbing kids from burning buildings
Crushing evil where it stands
Though he's tiny, sometimes whiny
And spends nighttimes in a cot
He a cutie
Dressed in booties
Shout his name
“Terrific Tot!”

He's attending kindergarten
Missing lessons to fight crime
While he's cuddling his teddy
Ending evil every time
Though he's sucking on his dummy
And his mum still wipes his bot
He's the best to
Stage a rescue
Shout his name
“Terrific Tot!”