Your noggin's been hit by a runaway train
Your eyes both water and you're in great pain
You're an ice cream addict but you must complain
Turn the heating up please
It's brainfreeeeeeeeze!

Though you've only put two scoops in your bowl
There's a hammering hard inside your skull
Yet you torture yourself with this huge own goal
Every doctor agrees
It's brainfreeeeeeeeze!

As another ice age forms in your head
You ignore all the signs that were flashing red
You refuse to play safe eating cake instead
Weak wobbly knees
It's brainfreeeeeeeeze!

Many times more nasty than a dentist's drill
Such a cold sugar rush giving you a big thrill
Even on summer days you will shiver and chill
Worse than smelly blue cheese
Minus forty degrees
It's a subacrtic breeze
Makes a polar bear sneeze
Ben and Jerry's disease  
It's brainfreeeeeeeeze!