The Last Telephone Box

 Set in the future when there are even fewer public telephone boxes than those remaining now. This could cause big problems for those who changed into their costumes in them many superhero years ago

You've vanished from our cities
And disappeared from towns
So where's a hero s'posed to change
When trouble's going down?

I used to use you daily
Strip off my outer clothes
To then reveal the costume
That all fans of mine will know

I loved your cuboid structure
Your squarish shiny glass
Now I undress in alleyways
Or find an underpass

There were so many of you
In high streets and in malls
You kept my secret ID safe
While I put crooks in jails

I know progress must happen
We have to turn that page
But when the mobile phone was born
It killed your Golden Age

Though I'm a man who's super
Unhurt by guns or rocks
My heart inside felt heavy pain
As they removed...the last telephone box