Father After Christmas

Christmas time is over it's long-finished and forgotten
From January Santa mainly sits on his big bottom
Our presents are delivered and he's posted every card
His silver sleigh is locked away unused in his garage

His reindeer have been set free or returned to London Zoo
So Santa is complaining that he has nothing to do
He spends hours watching telly or ice skating on the pond
“Though holidays are great” he says “one year is far too long”

Christmas time is over it's already just a memory
With decorations now boxed up and grottos lying empty
While Santa's suit is being washed with sack and bobble hat
He shaves his beard (which looks quite weird), he feels forlorn and flat

Apart from Mrs Claus he's left in Lapland on his own
His workshops are inactive as his elves relax at home
At least eleven months from twelve he's down, depressed and bored
'Cause Santa wishes every day...was December 24