Inside Grandad's Shed

The bright lights are flashing inside Grandad's shed
There's crashing and bashing inside Grandad's shed
He's in there all morning and all afternoon
He's in there all evening - oh what does he do?
I still hear him when I'm in bed
What goes on inside Grandad's shed?

He's often seen taking stuff inside his shed
And breaking then making stuff inside his shed
A table, a rocket, a miniature train
A gigantic robot with synthetic brain
Who'd ever pick Einstein instead?
When Grandad's at work in his shed

He's frequently storing stuff inside his shed
He's boring and sawing stuff inside his shed
Sparks fly off the rooftop, the door handle shakes
My Nan says that one day he'll cause an earthquake
He only comes out to be fed
My Grandad just lives in his shed

He's constantly fixing stuff inside his shed
He's sticking and mixing stuff inside his shed
He's hammering, painting and drilling holes too
With nuts and with bolts and with nails and with screws
So please read the warning in red