Here Comes the Wind

I'm banging on your door
And moving stuff across the floor
Just like an angry child
Who's acting crazy, running wild
So howly
So growly
Here comes the wind

You can't see me at all
While smashing on your garden wall
Or zooming through the air
I'll lift that table, shift that chair
So busy
So dizzy
Here comes the wind

I get your washing dry
Then toss it high into the sky
Sometimes I bring the rain
Then make your washing wet again
So bashy
So crashy
Here comes the wind

In autumn I'm the breeze
Who blows the leaves from many trees
You know when I'm about
You hear me scream and wail and shout
So fizzy
So whizzy
Here comes the wind

Inside the haunted house
I'll scare you as I rush around
I rant and rage and roar
And dash down darkened corridors
So swirly
So whirly
Here comes the wind