Life is Better with a Cake

The title quotes the new Mr Kipling cakes' slogan and the idea for the poem was inspired by my cakeaholic friend, Adele.

Life is better with a cake
You can't beat a sticky bun
Danish pastry, Black Forest gateau
Battenberg, Victoria sponge
Choose a food that's fun, fun, fun
Mix flour, egg, sugar, butter etcetera
What's it going to make?
That tantalising treasure
That gorgeous guilty pleasure
Life is better with a cake

Chocolate eclair, treacle tart
Fudge brownie, apple strudel
Where to start?
Indulge your cup of tea or coffee
With a wedge of fresh banoffee
Sprinkled with crushed almond flakes
A double-sized slice
Is twice as nice
Life is better with a cake

I hang around the bakery
I lurk in the patisserie
No longer counting calories
There's only one dessert for me
Dripping raspberry sauce
Oozing jam and double cream
Packaged like a perfect dream
Madeira, red velvet, New York cheese
Tiramisu, Swiss roll, Dundee
Yes please!
While you go weak at the knees you know
That comfy, warm internal glow
Life is better with a cake

So when everything stops
At eleven o'clock
Celebrate today with a cherry on top
No need to slobber for a steak
For your satisfaction's sake
Brighten up your morning break
By eating as much of that sweet stuff
As your appetite can take
Life is better with a cake