Mr Shoutyteacher

There's a thunder in the playground
A tremor down the corridor
An earthquake in the classroom
Much louder than a lion's roar

What is that row we're hearing
That makes our eardrums pop?
It's Mr Shoutyteacher
Ever getting in a strop

Veins are bulging from his head
Like a wild bull seeing red

There's a din down in the dinner hall
Explosions in the staffroom
A yelling in assembly
More noisy than a sonic boom

The words: “BOY – DON'T YOU DARE DO THAT!”
Are bashing round my brain
It's Mr Shoutyteacher
On the warpath once again

Cheeks puff like a pufferfish
Why can't he be calm as Miss?

There's a ruckus in reception
A screeching in the library
When the windows crack and smash
We all know what the cause will be

But there's something Mr Shoutyteacher
You've yet to find out
To keep us kids in order Sir
You do not need to SHOUT!