She's Micro-Girl
Smaller than an ant
You try and find her but I bet you can't
She soars through the skyways
On silky wings
Zapping supervillains
With sonic stings
Electric blue cape
Titanium suit
Don't underestimate her because she's cute

She's Micro-Girl
Like a tiny spot
Concealing herself beneath a full-stop
To her they're 'green boulders'
To us they're 'peas'
To her they're 'huge monsters'
To us they're 'fleas'
Though minuscule
She's extremely strong
With a single punch she can topple King Kong

She's Micro-Girl
Just a teeny spec
The coolest creation you've ever met
When behind a breadcrumb
She's out of sight
When next to an atom
She's still a mite
Who's saving the day
And giving us hope?
The mini heroine from the microscope