Teacher's Pet

Please set me extra homework
And ten tough English tests
The other students may be sweet
But I'm more sweet than them
So keen and conscientious
The perfect child I'll bet
I hang around your coattails Miss
I am the Teacher's Pet

I'm telling tales on Tariq
On Kieran, Kaz and Kim
In all class competitions
I'm guaranteed to win
Though kids say I'm the creepiest
And crawliest they've met
Still I'm boasting 'bout my grades
I am the Teacher's Pet

I always have my hand high
Just waiting to be picked
I would shine Miss's shoes for her
If I had them to lick
Who buys her sweets for break time
And won't let her forget
While many pupils think they're cool
I am the Teacher's Pet?

Miss doesn't need a goldfish
A parrot or a cat
Chinchilla or Chihuahua
A rabbit or a rat
She doesn't need a hamster
A stick insect or snake
'Cause as the Teacher's Pet I am her very special mate

Her favourite of favourites
I do not feel regret
That all at school are quite appalled
I am the Teacher's Pet