You Can't Beat a Fry Up

Your breakfast is swimming in rivers of fat
All your best instincts are telling you that
Your heart will succumb to a fatal attack
It's a diet from hell
It's a loud alarm bell
But you can't beat a fry up

Sausage, three eggs, streaky bacon, hash browns
Nothing can top that hot sizzling sound
Soon you'll be found in a box underground
Your doc shrieks "Cholesterol!"
Each time she blood tests you
But you can't beat a fry up

With a side order of butter and toast
WeightWatchers' memberships give up the ghost
Four hours later you'll face Sunday roast
The meal you're enjoying
Has oceans of oil in
But you can't beat a fry up

I don't want Weetabix, Cornflakes or bran
Healthy fruit portions, cheese, croissants or ham
My guilty pleasure's prepared in a pan
You're slogging when jogging
With arteries clogging
But you can't beat a fry up