Saturday Dad

He's a Saturday Dad
Spending the morning with his eight-year old lad
Comparing, sharing the separate weeks they've had
Never enough time to say how he really feels
During a wander in the park
And a not very Happy Meal
How could a promise-filled future 
Become so bad?
He knows the questions
Not the answers 
He's a Saturday Dad

A single day in seven is too small a slice
Of the cake he baked
That's now his family life
Women, wild nights, broken promises
Too many choices not from his wedding list
A part-time parent
Ruing what he never had
While his son remains his number one
He's still a Saturday Dad

Though he wants to enjoy
Precious moments with his boy
They're filled with frustration
Struggling to find connections
In disjointed conversations
How can a match spectator collect a pass?
A father slipping further away
Prematurely out to grass
Dejected, reflecting
In his cramped bachelor pad
Counting solitary seconds
Till the weekend that beckons
He's a Saturday Dad