Making a Mess

I like to make a mess
I enjoy getting mucky
It’s super getting dirty
Smelly, slimy and yucky
Sand between my toes
Playdoh up my nose
Fingers full of sludge and fudge
Ketchup down my clothes
People look at me disgusted
When I’m caked in chocolate custard
Ribena stains my vest
And I never comb my hair
So it looks like a bird’s nest
Because I like making a MESS
It’s great to get in a state
With grease and grime my mates
Tidiness is terrible
Cleanliness I hate
So I lick food off my plate
And get icky
And sticky
And feel a little sicky
I’ve plastered myself in paint
And smeared glue on my chest
What do I like doing most?
I bet you’ve already guessed
I like making a MESS
I play and play and play all day
But never put my toys away
Lego bricks fill my floor
Glitter and stickers cover my door
Stinky socks hang from my draw
Next to a pile of apple cores
My Mum can’t take it anymore
My teacher’s not impressed
I love to roll in rubbish
While shouting, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”
‘Cause what’s the thing that I like best?
I like making a MESS