Poetry Dad

I’m Poetry Dad
A permanent fixture on the poetry scene
Though ageing just a tad
48 but my material ain’t so bad at all
I’m drawing my poetry pension
But I’m still pretty cool
I’m Poetry Dad
Seems I’ve been around since 1503
I’m part of poetry’s present
And its history
I gigged with Shakespeare in days of yore
Ginsberg, Dylan, Cooper Clarke and more
A veteran of verse
Still knocking at your door
Coming back for more
I can’t be floored
Life’s one long encore
(Though my throats now gets a wee bit sore)
I’m Poetry Dad
I’ve got stickability
Despite receding hair
And more limited agility
I’m a skilled practitioner in the art of literacy
Like an incorrigible elephant
I’m Mr Persistant
Always rolling and ready to rap and rant
I’m Poetry Dad
Performing on the stage is where you’re likely to find me
Though the young whippersnappers are coming up close behind me
On my coat tails
But I won’t fail
Or flail
As indestructible as Captain Scarlet
Tougher than chain mail
Through the rising tide of new spoken word and rhyme
You’ll still hear mine
A mature Cheddar cheese
A vintage wine
A priceless antique
A classic TV comedy show
Who’s my alter ego?
Still bringing in the dough
Still making them wicked words flow and flow
Forever fighting a poetic Jihad
It’s Poetry Dad
So who you gonna call
When your muse of inspiration
Meets the blues of constipation
And your pen isn’t firing at all?
Make me the first choice
I’ll help you find your voice
I’ll be the Superman to your Lois
Call me - Poetry Dad
And all you poetry boys and poetry girls
One day will grow older like me
Approach your dotage and senility
While still trying to retain street credibility
Sure as eggs are eggs that day will come
When you too will be Poetry Dads
Or Poetry Mums
But till then I’ll fly my generation’s flag
Proving I’m not just a passing fad
And I’ll still be reciting after I die
At that never ending great gig up in the sky
I’m Poetry Dad