I Can’t Wait Till I’m 10

I can’t wait till I’m 10
I can’t wait till when
I have two digits in my age
I’m scared of the dark now
But soon I won’t be afraid
I’ll make the grade
Start a new decade
When I’m 10
I’ll date my first girlfriend
Take her home to my Mum
We’ll hold hands in the movies
Share same chewing gum
It’ll be so much fun
I can’t wait till I’m a zero and a one
I’ll not want to be young
I can’t wait till I’m 10
I’ll be able to choose the clothes I wear
Have baths with no-one watching
Sell all my teddy bears
And do my own cooking in the kitchen
I’m just itching
Till my next birthday
When I’ll be so much more mature and able to say
I’m old enough to mix it with the men
I can’t wait till I’m 10
I’ll stay out late riding my bike
Decide when I turn off my bedroom light
Do real joined up lettering when I write
Not with a silly Batman pencil
But with a posh adult fountain pen
I can’t wait till I’m 10
I’ll start to plan my life ahead
Think about having my own kids
A career
And when I’ll be wed
Seven was heaven
Eight was great
Nine was cool
But 10 will be cooler
I’ll measure my height each day with a ruler
Till I’m nearly as tall as my Dad
And that can’t be bad
I can’t wait till I’m 10
I can walk my dog by myself
Cross the road on my own
If my parents are out
I’ll be left home alone
I’ll chat, chat, chat and chat to my friends on the phone
Take on more responsibility
Make everyone cups of tea
Start learning psychology
And maybe sociology
That’s how it will be
Come the time
When I’m no longer nine
What’s been the reason for writing this rhyme?
I can’t wait till I’m 10